Apprentice (MSAJ, Chennai)


Apprentice (SCET, Surat)


Apprentice (SCET, Surat)
Co founder, Managing Director

B.arch, M.Arch (UD,CEPT)
Msc Planning (LSE,London)
He graduated from BVBCET, Karnataka and his inclination towards Urbanism instigated him to undertake Master's degree in Urban Design from the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad, India. Further, his increasing fetish to explore urbanism beyond its material and design aesthetics prompted him to pursue MSc in City Design and Social Science (Cities Program) from London School of Economics, UK.

Over a period of last 15 years, he has worked with public and private sector organizations in the realm of Architecture, Master Planning and Urban Infrastructure Development in India and abroad.
Co founder, Creative Director

B.Arch, M.Arch (Urban Design, CEPT, Ahmedabad)
MA Landscape Urbanism (AA, London)
Her quest to create 'Co-existent Communities' as an alternative model for future Urbanism brought her to join hands with Atelier [D]sync.

She graduated from SCET, Surat and it was her Dissertation work which instigated her to perceive Master's degree in Urban Design from the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad, India. Her further interrogation to explore the causality between Urbanism and Natural landform instigated her to join Landscape Urbanism Program at the prestigious Architectural Association London, UK.

Since, last 14 years, she has worked with public and private sector organizations working in the sphere of Architecture, Master Planning and Urban Design. She has taught at the Architectural Association London as a Unit Master and is actively involved in research to invent tools and strategies, which can enhance distinctiveness of a place in harmony with nature.

Associate Director

B.Arch (GGSIPU, New Delhi)
His curiosity to learn details and execution led him lead large scale projects in and around New Delhi. Currently he is manages Atelier [D]sync – New Delhi office.

He graduated from University College of Architecture (Vastukala) in New Delhi. The urge to work on detailed execution and large scale project management led him work with well reputed firms like C P Kukreja Associates and Arcop Associate private Limited in New Delhi where he honed his interests further. He leads the team building, office management and execution areas within the office.

Senior Architect – Urban Designer

B.Arch (Aayojan School of Architecture, Jaipur)
M.Arch (Urban Design, University of East London, UK)
He leads the Studio with his team management skills and is involved in the working and implementation of projects, right from inception to realization. His understanding of architecture comes from his passion for ‘Experiencing Architecture’ which led him to move to London to pursue his Masters in Urban Design. He thereby very smoothly interlaces Architecture and Urban design into a special inclination towards generating alternative typologies, for otherwise typical buildings.

Junior Architect

B.Arch (SCET,Surat)
Having trained in Mumbai, this young architect has keen interest in surface development techniques and contributes to the design development ideas within the office.

Junior Architect

B.Arch (SCET, Surat)
Her patience, dedication and curiosity has imbibed in her the confidence to conceptualize and develop design details with finesse and dedication.

Junior Architect

B.Arch (SCET, Surat)
She has been an asset to the firm, right from managing the office issues to the site and has been an integral part of preparing execution drawings for various projects. Her curiosity to learn and time management has been the major force for her progress in the firm.

Digital Lab-in-Charge

We fondly call him our ‘3rd Eye’. With his expertise in getting into the groove of each project, he has been able to lend an almost ‘photo realistic’ effect to our projects and is constantly experimenting with visual effects for each project developed in the firm.

Atelier [D]sync. is a collaborative international design practice, operating in the realm of Architecture, Planning, Urban Design and Landscape Urbanism. It is committed to deliver innovative and pragmatic solutions to enhance built-environment through an inclusive and collaborative design approach.
Founded in 2012, with an intention to create a space for design innovation to explore Architecture and Urbanism beyond its material and design aesthetics and to bring a new paradigm shift in contemporary design practice.
Our focus is to develop a series of innovative design methodologies and tools to facilitate spatial planning which has the capacity to enhance distinctiveness of a place and exemplify the potential of local intelligence syncronized with a global vision towards design.
Atelier [D]sync is operating from India with collaborative Associates in London,China and Spain.

Our Approach :
We conceive design as a mode of research to synchronize the idea through a constant interaction between various stakeholders and adopt a combination of analytical tools and cutting edge technology tofacilitate our clients to achieve their aspirations in harmony with culture, place and time.

Collaborators :
1) http://www.groundlab.org/
2) http://www.latitudestudio.eu/
3) http://www.remixstudio.org/
4) http://www.arcop.co.in/
5) http://www.meylenstein.net/
6) B M Patel, Civil Project Consultant, Surat, India
7) Orbit Graphic Designer, Surat