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Academics + Practice
It has been a known fact that both the Directors of the Firm have a fetish for involvement in academics, with the strong belief that our profession needs to bridge this gap between academics and practice. With the support of the student fraternity as well as the Institute, this has been made possible by their active involvement in the NASA student activities for the year 2016. Under this convention, a number of workshops covering various areas within the profession will be conducted, thereby bringing Academics + Practice closer to each other.

Building Expertise
Atelier Dsync was conceived with the idea of creating a platform for various expertise to thrive under this incubation facility. We are very happy to introduce the BIM services as an inherent part of our practice. The teams are being developed accordingly and we hope to revolutionise work flows and the profession with this initiative.

Expanding Horizons
With offices in New Delhi, London and Beijing, Atelier [D]sync is expanding Horizons. The new employee exchange program being proposed by the firm will lead to a cross pollination of work cultures, understanding of design pragmatics as well as the opportunity to explore the world. Apply soon !!